Artist's Reproductions and Copyright (c)
I retain copyrights to my work so that I am able to reproduce my paintings in several sizes
as matted prints, giclee's (reproductions printed on canvas), note cards, and even coasters,
available at affordable pricing.  Personally, I feel that Tapa paintings do not reproduce well
because the texture of the tapa is lost in the process; however, if you see any artwork you
would like to purchase as a reproduction; I will let you know if it is one I have had
professionally photographed for prints.
January 24, 2010
Returning and Direct Sales Clients
I have had the honor of meeting wonderful people who have become "collectors." To show
my appreciation, I do give "return customer"
discounts on purchases made after an initial
sale (coasters are usually excluded from this offer). Please feel free to contact me directly if
you have purchased in the past and wish to add to your collection.
Who Commissioned Art?
  • D Horn, CA
  • D.Barmettler-Ewing, CA
  • B Stinson, MN
  • L & D Heinz, AZ
  • M Timoteo, CA
  • D. Zoellner, SC
  • T. Parsons, CA
  • P. Roehl, FL
  • M. Brandle, Switzerland
  • L. Martin, Il
  • D & K Lo,
  • L Cervantes, CA
  • M & A Kelly, CA
  • K & R Salas, CA
Stop by to See Me or my Artwork
I'd love to see you at any of the events that I will be attending to demonstrate my work or to
sell art.  Please
Click Here or click "Home" on the menu to the left to see a list of events I will
be attending and to view the various galleries carrying my artwork for sale.
Want to Visit My Studio?
Come visit my studio in Haiku, Maui.  Send an  email  or call my studio phone
808-575-2746 or on cell phone numbers 808-283-6901 (HI) or 510-612-8292 (CA) 7 to 10
days in advance to schedule a visit. This is a working studio so advance notice is needed to
clear any current projects before your visit. Also, please contact me if you have questions or
need additional information, have any suggestions or special requests for new products or
subject matter, or wish to commission art.
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September 30, 2015
Commissioned Work
I have worked with several clients to create paintings that meet individual tastes. Using
existing work on the website, the client and I create works of art in different sizes,
groupings, colors, boarders...anything to meet the clients desires. Although I do reserve
the right to decline, I will entertain any new ideas and welcome any opportunity to work with
clients to create that special painting. An initial deposit and/or full prepayment will be
Paintings by Joel
More Information I Want to Share

  • N Kanoa, CA
  • G. DeLara, HI
  • D. Mentzer, CA
  • I. Scott, BC, Canada
  • L. Knapp, FL
  • Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui
  • R. Brutoco, NY
  • R. Scholer, Germany
  • J & W Holmes, Canada
  • J & B Wichmann, SC
  • N & L Bailiff, CA
  • J Rhine, Australia
  • M Johnston, WA
How Do I Place an Order?
Simply send an email by clicking the blue email on any page. Submit your question or
describe the item you wish to order. I will contact you with information, and we can work
together from there. Almost all credit cards accepted.