Mounting and Cleaning Instructions
own artwork or have it professionally mounted:

  1. Always use acid-free mat board, backing, adhesive, etc.
  2. Double matting is suggested to avoid flattening the cloth against
    glass or plexiglass..
  3. Artwork is better displayed when the cloth does not touch the mat
    (see matted artwork for examples - click Southwest  or Hawaiian)
  4. NEVER use any household glue to attach the artwork to the backing
    board (it will discolor the cloth).  Instead, it is best to use acid-free,
    double-sided mounting tape.
  5. Frame under glass or plexiglass.
  6. If the artwork will be hung where it will be subjected to sunlight, be
    sure to use UV protection to avoid color change.
  7. Make sure the framed piece has a dust cover (usually paper glued
    to the back of the frame) to keep the artwork dust-free.

For paintings wrapped over stretched canvas requiring no framing, avoid
placing the art in rooms subject to airborne kitchen cooking oils or other
airborne "dirt".  Clean any accumulated dust using "canned air" (aerosal
cans often used to clean computer keyboardss and peripherals), dust with
a soft paintbrush, or carefully vaccuum using a brush attachment.

If you run into any problems or have questions not addressed on this page,
please feel free to
email me.
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