About the Artist

Aloha, I am Joel P Heinz Sr. Born in Hastings, Minnesota and raised in Northern
California, I served in the Army in Vietnam. I have three sons, who still reside in
California and am blessed with five grand children. After taking early retirement, my
wife Kathy and I continue to live our dream in Maui.

In 1995, I began painting using acrylic paint on canvas. All of my art training has
come from associating with other artists and the joy of experimenting and
discovery. My favorite subject was Tropical Marine; I loved it so. When I painted the
sea and all the delightful things therein, it brought me peace; then, everything else
fell into place. I dabbled in Egyptian art for a short time in order to work in detail, a
noticeable characteristic of most of my early work. I wanted my detailed artwork on
canvas to be clearly seen whether viewed up close or from a distance.

During 21 years prior to moving to Maui, I gained an appreciation for the Hawaiian
culture and it's primitive art. This has led to subject-matter changes in my canvas
paintings. Intrigued by the geometric designs on Polynesian tattoos and on
Hawaiian Kapa as well as the historical significance of ancient Hawaiian petroglyph
rock carvings, I began to combine these cultural icons in my paintings; and I've
even taken artist's license to create a few of my own petroglyph designs. The
acquisition of authentic Polynesian Tapa Cloth in 2007 led to a creative painting
frenzy that I am still enjoying today.  In fact, it has been quite some time since my
brush last touched canvas.

After much encouragement from friends, I began sculpting some of my favorite
Hawaiian petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) in Koa Wood, a native Hawaiian hard
wood treasured for its beautiful grain. I have also been carving in lava rock, blue
rock, tumbled marble, Turkish limestone, and fiberglass to create platforms for my
koa carvings, coaster sets, and commissioned garden decor.

Mahalo for visiting my site. Please click on any of the tabs at the top of the column
to the left to view my various works. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have
enjoyed creating it.
Paintings by Joel
January 24, 2010
Paintings on Canvas
Koa Wood Sculpture
Paintings on Kapa
(Tapa) Cloth
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Polyurethane Coated
Galleries, Events, and Festivals

Galleries/Retail Outlets

  • Simon-Jon Gallery, Wharf Cinema Mall, Front St., Lahaina, Maui (coasters) 9
    am to 9 pm (hours vary)
  • Turnbull Studios and Sculpture Garden, Wailuku, HI (kapa paintings and
    coasters); see Turnbull's Website for gallery days & hours
  • Hana Coast Gallery, adjacent to Hotel Hana-Maui, Hana, HI (kapa paintings,
    coasters), see Hana Coast's Website for gallery hours.
  • Maui Hands, Hyatt Regency, Ka'anapali; Paia; Front Street, Lahaina; and
    Makawao (kapa paintings, koa wood sculptures, coasters), see Maui Hands'
    Website for gallery hours.
  • Maui Ocean Center, Retail Store, Ma'alaea, Maui, (kapa paintings) open 9 to 5

Scheduled Events

  • Maui Ocean Center,  Monday's, Friday's and every other Sunday in the Maui
    Ocean Center (Aquarium)'s Hawaiians and the Sea Exhibit, Ma'alaea, Maui,
    10AM to 4PM.

Festivals & Special Events

  • SF Aloha Festival, annual event held each year the first weekend in  August at
    the San Mateo County Event Center in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.  
    For further information, please check this website:  PICA Website.
  • George Na'ope Hula Festival, annual event held each year the third weekend of
    July at the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Sacramento, CA. I will be skipping this
    event this year as part of my "retirement,: but I encourage friends to attend for
    great arts and crafts and hula dancing. For more info, click on this website:  the
    Kane Hula Website.

UPDATE: Effective September 2014, I will no longer be participating in California
venues. Regardless, I hope my clients will continue to support these wonderful
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Paintings by Joel
June 18, 2014
Joel P. Heinz, Sr.
16 Laupapa Place, Haiku, HI  96708
Studio Phone (808) 575-2746
Hawaii Cell (808) 283-6901
California Cell (510) 612-8292
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My Great News!!!
At the age of 70 years, I am finally "semi-retiring." I'll continue to sell at the Maui
Ocean Center for a while and through Art Galleries representing me. The first step
was to "retire" from hotel venues on Maui, with more venues to follow. We want to
be able to travel and enjoy life in this beautiful place we call home.